Compound Boardshop - Est. 2003



The Compound has been a staple for surfers on the Gulf Coast for the past 16 years.
It goes without saying that the Gulf Coast isn't a major surf destination, but every dog has it's day. We supply the dedicated surfers of the region with boards and accessories to help make the most of the waves we get. From high performance to high FUN-ctionality, we've got you covered.
We promote the culture built upon the act of riding waves, and hope we can instill our love of the ocean to others.

Brands we carry

Boards : Bing Surf, Catch Surf, FireWire, Seafarer, Slater Designs, Tomo Surfboards, and Odysea Surf Boards.

Accessories & Traction Pads : Creatures of Leisure, Dakine, FCS, FU Wax, Freak Traction, Future, Mrs. Palmer’s Wax ,Slater Designs, Sticky Bumps Wax, and True Ames.

Wet Suits & Rash Guards : Xcel, Quiksilver, O'Neill, and Roxy.

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