Compound Boardshop - Est. 2003



The Compound has been serving Sarasota's skate community for the last 16 years. There are as many brands in our selection as there are reasons to skate. While our focus lies mainly on core skate brands, we support whatever motivates you to ride a skateboard. We stock a huge variety of brands both large and small, but we believe what makes these brands important is the history and influence behind the physical product. Part of our responsibility to skateboarding is to do our best to inform and educate our community on the importance of the influences that go in to the boards we skate. The fusion of art, music, and culture make skateboarding the melting pot and great equalizer that it is, and it is our foremost duty to accommodate this. Our stock is constantly changing and growing in order to support the tastes of our customers.

Brands we carry :

Decks : 5BORO, Antihero, Alien Workshop, Blood Wizard, Baker, Chocolate, Creature, Deathwish, Dead On Arrival, DGK, Element, Enjoi, Foundation, Girl, Habitat, Hopps, Isle, The Killing Floor, Krooked, Magenta, Northern Co, Polar, Politic, Primitive, Plan B, Quasi, Real, Santa Cruz, Scumco, Theories, Toy Machine, Traffic, Welcome, and WKND.

Bearings, Trucks & Wheels : Ace, Bones, Dial Tone, Independent, Loophole-OJ Wheels, Ricta, Spitfire, Thunder, and Venture.

Cruiser / Longboards : Globe, Landyachtz, Loaded, and Sector 9.

Bearings, Trucks & Wheels : Bear, Hawgs, Orangatang, and Paris Trucks.

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